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(or aerothermodynamic)



inside comfort,
and fresh air in summer

maintenance contract,
chimney sweeping,
emanations, tank and hazard of fire or explosion.

In this study, I explain why the systems cited above allow for a lowering by 90% of the cost of heating in a home.

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Why the outside insulation ?

Temperature and heat

How thermal energy gets outside

About the walls

Thermal bridges

About the thermal comfort

Windows, ventilation, moistness and frost

About air and water

Outside insulation

The house

Assembly and insulation of the openings

About the garage

About the peak

Important : the chimney and the water heater

Calculation of the losses

Heating and checkup

Heating with cold

Calculations made on my house in december 1995


About refreshing

Perfect, what are the drawbacks ?

About dilatation

Water heater and economy of energy



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